My date and new friend


Me and my date spend a afternoon out and meet a new friend in the process!


Me and my date(who I call daddy hehe) went out to the mall.� I was wearing this cute little skirt and top that showed off my big tits.� Whenever we were not directly standing next to someone he would slide his fingers down my skirt and make me wet.� Daddy whispered to me that he wanted me to go into the dressing room and wait for him.� Which I did with no question.� I waited in anticipation as I saw him walking down the corridor and open the door to wear I was.� He looked at me and bit his lower lip which I knew meant that he was turned on with how I looked.� He ripped out his rock hard cock and pushed me down on my knees and fucked my throat so hard that I couldnt stop the tears from coming down.� He blew a huge load down my throat and I sucked every last drop out of his cock that I could get because I loved the way he tasted.� After we left the dressing room we made our way to the movie theaters.� As we were sitting in the theater he started to rub my thigh and gradually went higher up my leg.� Eventually� he started pulling at my panties and gave me a look that I knew he wanted me to lift my ass so he could take my panties off. Which I gladly do again because I know if I dont listen to him he will punish my ass as soon as he can.� He takes my panties off and puts them in his pants pocket and tells me to come over and sit on his lap.� I get wide-eyed about this considering there are people sitting in front of us and to the left.� He tells me again to come over and sit on his lap or I will be punished.� I whimper and he grabs my hair and pulls me over.� I notice that he is already hard and waiting for my body to be lowered onto his rock hard dick.� Daddy puts his cock inside my warm, wet, tight pussy so he can get himself wet.� He takes my panties out of his pocket and rolls them up and stuffs them into my mouth because I make a lot of noise when I am excited.� He then oddly takes his cock out of my pussy only shortly after I started bouncing up and down on his cock.� I turn to him with a puzzled look and he gives me a sly looking grin.� He proceeds to ram his large cock into my ass and my entire body shakes from the pain and I start to cry.� But daddy whispers to me that he won't stop fucking my ass until he is good and done.� As daddy is fucking me he notices that there is a beautiful red head sitting in our row watching him fuck me.� We both can tell that she is turned on by this because her huge nipples are pointing out of her shirt and she is rubbing her crotch.� Daddy motions to her to come over and sit next to us which she does.� Daddy unbuttons her pant and starts to rub her wet pussy.� He takes his fingers out for a moment and take my panties out of my mouth so I can taste her sweet juices.� I moan in pleasure because she tastes so good and it turns me on.� Daddy then stuffs the panties back into my mouth and takes her hand down to my pussy and shows her how to finger fuck me the way I like it.� My body shivers from all the stimulation, having daddys hard dick ramming my ass and the beautiful red heads fingers deep inside my pussy.� Daddy whispers that he is about to cum and wants to know who wants the load.� � The red head tells him that she wants it and he lifts me off of his cock motions for her to get down on her knees in front of him.� She takes off her shirt and bra once she is hidden on the floor and waits for Daddys cum to cover her big beautiful tits.� And Daddy came so hard that he covered her tits with his cum.� Daddy tells us that he wants that cum to be licked off and that there should not be a drop left of her body.� I kneel down to the floor and start to lick the cum of her breasts and I spend a little extra attention bitting her nipples so hard that she starts to moan and daddy has to take the panties out of my mouth and put them into hers.� I take a mouthful of her cum and spit it in her mouth so she can know how sweet daddys cum is after taking the panties out of her mouth for only a moment after I stuff them back into her mouth.� Daddy tells me that I should be polite and make our new friend cum and I asked him how.� He tells me that I should suck her clit and tongue fuck her pussy until my face is covered with her cum.� I push her down of the floor and I follow her down and start to do as Daddy told me to do.� � And I get her to cum so hard within moments.� I come up to look at Daddy with her juices all over my mouth and Daddy licks it off my face as our friend gets dressed and comes up off the floor.� She sits in the seat next to Daddy and I and kisses us both before leaving the theater.� Daddy and I soon leave after her and spend the evening fucking in the privacy of my own house.�

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