My Mom and Wife

A man goes to his mother when his wife kicks him out of the house. The wife has a secret to tell - Julie and I have only been married for 3 years and now, its over. My Julie is a pretty petite thing with long straight blonde hair that I used to love feel against my chest as she would make love to me. Her thick mane would swing back and forth as she rode my cock as hard as she could to the most stunning orgasms I had ever experienced.

Julie and I have only been married for 3 years and now, its over. My Julie is a pretty petite thing with long straight blonde hair that I used to love feel against my chest as she would make love to me. Her thick mane would swing back and forth as she rode my cock as hard as she could to the most stunning orgasms I had ever experienced.

Now I guess all that is in the past because she kicked me to the curb a week ago. I had been staying at my buddy Rex’s house, but now his wife decided that her Grandma’s going to move in and that was one houseguest to many. So, there I was standing in front of the big two story house I grew up in. Staring at the front of it with dread and foreboding, I didn’t want to tell them Julie was leaving me. I just turned fucking twenty-five years old, own my own house that my wife is living in without me, and have a agriculture degree/ Now I have to move back home with the parents. How fucked up is that, I asked myself as I walked up the driveway.

I had started to ring the doorbell but could hear voices coming from around the side of the house toward the garage. It was a Saturday morning in the middle of July and the neighborhood was pretty quiet. I guess everyone decided to take their little happy families to the lake or the pool today. Man it was so freaking hot! If I was with Julie we would be at the local home improvement store buying crap for our new house. She had become obsessed with the place as soon as we signed the papers on it.

As I rounded the corner I could hear the voices of my parents arguing. That was weird to me cause I had never seem them have a fight. To me, my parents had always been the just like the “Leave It To Beaver” parents. My dad went to work everyday and kissed Mom on the cheek as he went whistling out to the car and drove off to make the dough, while she stayed home and baked cookies and ironed his shirts. When I moved away to college Mom got a little part time job at the fabric store for some extra spending money. Dad said it was to pay for her E-bay habit.

“Dammit Carol we have not used that roaster in two years!” I heard Dad shout.

“Well Thanksgiving is coming up and I might decide to use it!” my mother screamed back at him.

I had stood there staring at my parents for about thirty seconds, watching them glare at each other when I finally thought I would break up the fun. I gave a good loud cough to draw their attention. Both heads swung in my direction and I saw my Dad’s face get a bit redder and my Mom broke into a big bright smile. “Johnny, hey guy!” she beamed.

“Did I catch ya’ll at a bad time?” I asked.

“Uh no, John, your Mother and I were just discussing what is going into the garage sale we are having next week.”

I could tell by the various piles on the floor they had been at it for quite some time. I wondered to myself if this was the first of many “discussions” they had had this morning. My Mom rushed over to me and gave me a big hug. I wrapped my arms around her little frame and gave a good squeeze. My Mom is a short gal with shoulder length brown curly hair and always smiling.

Dad is a little shorter version of me with light blonde hair and glasses. I chuckled at myself as I looked over and saw him in khaki shorts, with legs that didn’t look like they had seen the light of day in a decade, and his black dress socks and tasseled slip-on shoes. “What a dork“, I thought to myself.
He was busily looking into a old coffee can and trying to determine whether he would someday need those nails again. I knew he was trying to ignore the fact I had just caught them in an unpleasant act and keeping busy was the cure for it all.

“What brings you out today Johnny, and where is Julie?” She was looking around my 6’4” frame to see if my wife was with me. I gave a sigh and decided it was best to just get it out and tell them the truth.

“Julie kicked me out of the house last weekend and I have been staying with Rex. His wife is moving her grandma in and I have to get out of there. So I was wondering if I could stay here with you guys until I get a couple of paychecks under my belt. Just until I can get my own place.” I said. My dad turned around upon hearing this and gave me a hard look. My Mom gasped and put her hand over her mouth.

“Oh honey!” She put her hand out and touched my chest, I guess in a comforting gesture.

“You didn’t hit her did you?” my father asked in a severe tone.
“NO Dad! I would never do that. She just said she didn’t feel like it was working out and told me she wanted me to get out. I am not much for argument so I left.” I explained.

“Well ok then you can stay I suppose.” he said and turned away and starting sorting again. My mom turned and glared at him and grabbed my hand and pulled me to the door leading into the house. I followed her without a word as she took me up the stairs and into her bedroom. We both sat down on the bed and she turned to look up at me.

“Ok, now tell me what happened.” she said. The concern for me was clear on her face. I knew she had always adored Julie and it was going to hurt her feelings a lot when she found out that I suspected my wife of cheating. Mom was holding my hands tight and I could feel her trembling slightly. As I was collecting my thoughts on how to put it to her, I noticed her tank top was showing more cleavage than I had ever seen on my mother.

I cleared my throat and bowed my head and I then noticed her shorts were a little on the short side for her. I shook my head to clear it of all the weird thoughts racing in my mind. Had my Mother lost weight? I was looking at her creamy white thighs and could tell that they looked more tone than they had a month before. I had not seen them since Julie and I had them over for dinner after we moved into the house.

“Johnny tell me what happened.” she said again as she put her hand under my chin and lifted my head up. I looked into her hazel eyes and I could feel myself tearing up.

“She is cheating on me Mom!” I blurted out. We haven’t had sex since we signed on the house and moved in. I don’t know what has gotten into her. She is just is obsessed with home improvements and is always talking about it. Now she tells me she is unhappy with us and wants me out!” I cried.

Then before I knew it my mother was standing in front of me and my arms were around her. She held me against her and my face was buried in her neck. I could smell the sweet perfume she had always loved and that I bought her every year for Christmas. Her hair smelled of tropical flowers and I snuggled closer and squeezed tighter. Her skin was warm to my touch and she seemed to fit so perfectly in my arms.

I could hear her saying sweet calming things to me as I took in the smell of her. Rubbing my back with her soft hands and telling me everything would be ok. I could stay with them as long as I liked and that all would work itself out. I guess I was out of my mind and drugged with the mixture of her perfume and shampoo, or it could have been the fact I had not had a woman in three months, but my hands seemed to have a mind of their own and found their way down to her soft round ass.

So there I was, cupping her ass in my hands and breathing in her smell and my lips started to move over the heated skin of her neck. I could feel her breathing start to get heavy against my chest. Her hands stilled on my back and her body tensed up slightly. My lips continued to caress her neck and I backed away just a bit so I could trail kisses around to the front of her long neck. My hands began to knead her ass and I pulled her body in closer to mine. I could feel her soft tits beneath the thin material of her top against my t-shirt and my heart started to pound.

I started my way down her chest and I could feel her heart beating a mile a minute under my lips. I reached up with my right hand and in a split second I had her tit popped free of its confinement of her shirt and a hard peaked nipple was in my mouth. I starting sucking hard and my left hand made its way toward the crack of her ass and down toward her pussy. My right hand was holding down her shirt and cupping that soft tit while my mouth sucked hungrily.

I could hear her breath getting faster and since she wasn’t pushing me away I took this as a good sign to continue. I stole a glance up and she was standing there with her eyes closed and her mouth open. I could see her tongue peak out between her lips and her body of its own accord swayed into me. My right hand let go of her tit and moved to the waistband of her shorts. In one swift twist I had the button undone and was dragging them down with both hands. My mouth still attached to her hard nipple and sucking greedily.

Now both my hands were again on my Mom’s ass and I could feel to my surprise she was wearing a thong. Her smooth skin felt so good under my hands as I continued to knead and caress her. Then my thumbs hooked into the strings of her panties and down her creamy legs they went. I kept waiting for a protest at this point, but when I looked up my Mom still had her eyes closed and almost as if she was drugged or asleep.

My hands came up her sides and as I grasped the hem of her top and pulled up and stood in one deft motion. As soon as her shirt had cleared her head my lips were on her mouth. She actually opened her mouth and my tongue lunged inside and we kissed hungrily. Her hands were on my shoulders and with her ass in one hand and a tit in the other. I stood there holding her at the foot of their bed and we kissed like we were both starving for it.

My erection was now so hard and bulging inside my basketball shorts I thought it would ripe right through the material. I heard my Mom groan as a rolled her nipple between my fingers and moved my hand off her ass. I had to get my cock out before I lost my mind. It was the hardest I had ever been and pre-cum was already waiting at the tip. Still kissing her I turned her around and pushed her down on the bed. Like putty she just melted to the comforter and I immediately went down on my knees and spread her legs wide apart.

I was expecting a lot of hair, but to my surprise she was clean shaven except for a closely trimmed patch in front. I buried my tongue deep into her and I thought her body would come off the bed. Her back arched and she let out a groan. Almost instantaneously I could feel her cum flooding my mouth. Holy shit she tasted good.

The orgasms seemed to rock through her over and over as I ate her sweet pussy. Every flick of my tongue over that little hard pebble and she would literally convulse with ecstasy. Her breathing was in hard panting pattern now and I was a little afraid to continue like this. I lifted my head and looked at her face. My hands continued to stroke her legs and ass there on the edge of the bed. I was surprised to find she was now looking at me with lusty hazed eyes. She sat up shakily and I stood up. Waiting for the reprimand that I just knew I was going to get. But instead her hands went to my thighs and then moved up pushing my t-shirt with them. I dragged it over my head and when I looked back down I could see her staring at my hard length.

She looked up with a almost frightened look on her face and lightly took my rod into her soft hand. The other cupped my balls and I almost thought I would shoot my load in her face right then and there. Then before I knew what was happening I could feel her tongue dart out and she licked the pre-cum off the tip of my dick. I moaned loudly and grabbed her by the back of the head. I pulled her to me as her mouth opened and my cock sank deep between my mothers hot lips.

She started massaging my balls and stroking me as she furiously starting sucking my bulging cock. I could feel my legs start to tremble and could feel the tightening in my sac. Her mouth was wet and hot and I knew there was no way I was going to hold out for very long. I was now the one panting and I think she could tell I was getting close because her hand was pumping me faster and the sucking became harder.

I lost all control and pushed her head down hard onto my cock and I screamed out as my balls bunched up as hard as rocks and my cum shot in long streams down her throat. My eyes were squeezed shut and I felt the orgasm rip through my body and my cock continue to blow cum. I realized I might have hurt her and quickly let go of her head. Instead of getting away from me she continued to lap up my juices and suck the tip dry. Stroking me from base to tip to make sure she got it all.

I pushed her by her shoulders back down on the bed and took her mouth at the same time. I could taste the remnants of my cum on her tongue and was please she had swallowed it all. How fucking sexy could you get?! I groaned as I kissed my mother and could feel her small tits against my chest and her soft body under mine. I was tickled to realize that I was still hard as a rock even after that mind blowing blow job.

My hands and mouth were all over her body. Feeling, touching, tasting, her like I had never had sex before. Starving for the need and attention she was giving me. My brain was still a bit clouded and it took me a second before I could make out what she was whispering to me. “Johnny please, I need it. Take me Johnny!”

Well I have always been a good boy and done what my mother asked of me and I shoved her thighs apart and buried my 10” cock deep into her dripping pussy. I thought I would go out of my mind. It was the tightest and wettest cunt I had ever been in. My cock slipped in and out of her tight sheath as I pumped fast and hard. Her breath was coming raggedly and her eyes were squeezed tightly shut. My dick was slamming as hard and deep as it could and her hips were meeting every stroke. Her nails dug into my ass as she urged me on.

I was furiously pounding her hot cunt when all of a sudden she clenched up around my cock and gave out a scream as her body starting convulsing in wave after wave of powerful orgasm. My cock was locked in tight to her cunny and I could feel her cream squirting around it. As her body started to relax a bit I was then able to move and found myself again ready to explode. “I am gonna cum again Mom, what do you want me to do?”

“I want you to squirt all over my tits and face baby!” she gasped.

I pumped again for about a dozen more strokes and could feel my balls tighten again almost painfully and I could feel the cum rising to the end of my dick. I yanked my cock out of her pussy and stroked fast as another orgasm rippled out of me and hot sticky white cream shot all over my mothers face and tits just like she had asked.

She laid there with her mouth open and licking her lips when my load hit her. A look of pure pleasure on her face as she rubbed my juice onto her tits and nipples then would suck each finger clean. She smiled a satisfied smile when she was finished and looked up at me. I was still kneeling over her holding my now flaccid cock in hand and staring in awe at her. “Julie is the most stupid girl ever is she lets you go son.” she said.

She went to get up and I moved away from her. I got off the bed and pulled on my shorts and t-shirt while she was in the bathroom. I could hear the shower going and knew she was cleaning up. Would hate to have my Dad smell her all sexed up. I sat down on the bed and about five minutes later she was out and walking naked in front of me. She got in her drawer and got a fresh pair of panties and put her clothes back on.

“Well you are welcome to stay here as long as you like honey.” she said. My mom acted like nothing had just happened between us whatsoever.

“Ok, thanks.” I stated and cleared my throat. I was kinda confused because I was worried she would feel awkward around me now.

“Well I better get back down there with your Father. I wouldn’t want him to think I am slacking off on the job.” she giggled as she walked out the door. I got up and followed her down the garage again.

Dad looked up as we entered and said, “Get all the kinks worked out?”

“Uh yeah Dad. I guess I will see you two tonight. I have some clothes I need to get from the house and am going over to get them now.” I said.

“Alright Son see ya later!” he waved as he turned and continued sorting through a box of junk.

I walked away from the house and got in my truck. That was the weirdest and most erotic experience of my life. I was not sure how to feel about it at all. Would I ever be able to look at my own Mom the same again? Could the same thing ever happen again. It was incredible and I will never forget the feel of her under me. I was still pondering these thoughts as I pulled up into my driveway.

The local home improvement store van was sitting out in front of the house and I was wondering how she was planning to pay for anything new now without my added income. I walked up the path to the front door and let myself in. I still own the damn place and didn’t feel right knocking. The house almost seemed deserted. I thought about calling out to Julie but thought better of it.

I walked up the stairs and could hear a faint squeaking sound as I neared our bedroom. The door was slightly open and I touched it lightly so I could see inside. It opened only a bit but was enough for me to see two men on the bed with my wife. I thought I would die right then and there watching a big hairy guy pumping his cock for all he was worth into her dripping pussy and she sucking another pretty boy guys dick. Her beautiful lips were wrapped around it and sucking and stroking him fast in rhythm with the pounding she was getting from behind.

The pretty boy started to breath heavy and Julie popped her mouth loudly from his cock and continue to jack him hard as his face contorted and hot milky cum shot out the tip all over her face. She looked so pleased as she licked the tip and then the hairy guy started grunting. He jerked his cock out of her pussy and sprayed a load all over her tan round ass. I was in shock as I watched her smile at them both and told them she would be available again same time next week. They eagerly agreed and started to pull their clothes on. I slipped across the hall to the other bedroom waiting for them to leave. When I heard the front door shut, I came out and looked into our room again.

Julie was laying on her back naked. Her hot little body all slicked with sweat and cum from the two other men and I could not help my own bodies reaction to the sight. I looked down and my cock was standing at attention yet again. You would think after the two mind blowing orgasms I had just had I would be good for awhile, but I guess not. As I watched my wife laying on the bed I noticed tears coming down her face.

She then rolled over onto her tummy and started bawling like her best dog had just died. I hated seeing her like that. Even as mad and hurt as I was toward her I just couldn’t stand to see her cry. I moved into the room slowly and sat down beside her on the bed. She must have been so overcome she didn’t even feel me until I put my warm hand against her back. She stiffened and rolled over quickly. My hand stayed in contact with her and was now on her flat belly.

She sat up quickly and rushed into my arms. I held her close for along time, just rocking her back and forth as she cried. We didn’t talk but just held one another. I could smell the sweat and sex on her skin but it only fueled my arousal as I held her close. She hiccupped and I knew the crying spell was over. She pulled away and I pushed her hair away from her wet face. “Are you ready to tell me what is going on now?” I asked her softly.

She nodded her head and looked down into her lap. I put my fingers under her chin and pulled her head up to meet my gaze. Her big blues were still glossy with tears. A single tear slipped down her cheek and I caught it with my finger. Brought it to my mouth and sucked at the salty wetness. Her eyes had followed my action and she looked at my finger in my mouth. She leaned in as I pulled it out she took it in her own. She sucked on it hungrily and I could feel her tongue feathering its way up and down it. I gave a little tug and pulled it from between her lips. My raging hard on was hurting now and I quickly tugged down my shorts and pulled out my cock.

Julie immediately knew what to do and sank her mouth over me. I could feel her long blonde hair on my thighs as she took almost my whole 10” into her hot mouth. She moaned in pleasure as she sucked me. I put my hand lightly on the back of her head urging her on. Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, I roughly tightened my hand in her hair and dragged her off my cock. She looked up at me in shock as I pushed her forcefully down on the bed and buried my throbbing member deep inside her cunt.

She screamed as the tip of my cock slammed against her cervix as I pounded her harder than I ever had in my life. I had always been a gentle, caring lover with my wife, but not now. I fucked her with all the power and frustration I had pouring out of me. I wanted her to know I was the only man for her and I again grabbed her hair and roughly pulled her head back as I took her mouth in a assaulting kiss. My tongue jabbed into her mouth hard and deep.

I was actually surprised when she met me with the same wild abandon. It was in that moment that I felt her hips furiously moving to meet my pounding dick. I tore my mouth away and grabbed her exposed tit hard in my left hand. I pinched her nipple between my fingers and she let out a squeal of delight. I rolled her over on top of me and put my hands on her hips helping her move as I forced my cock deep inside her cunny. “Ride that fucking cock you whore!” I screamed.

A look of surprise was on her face as I have never talked to her in that way before. She placed her hands against my chest and dragged her nails deep into my flesh. In retaliation I slapped her hard on the ass as I continued to drive in deep. She had never rode my cock like she was doing now and her hair was in a mess and falling down outlining her little tits for me. I reached up with both hands cause she had already figured out the grinding rhythm and squeezed them as hard as I could. I didn’t worry about leaving marks on her because she then spoke. “Oh Yes John, hurt me!” My little wife of three years was loving this. Her eyes told it all to me.

I never had a clue that she wanted anything but what we had between us in the bedroom. I could see by the flushed look she was getting ready to cum. In the past she had never done it more than once and I was a little disappointed it wouldn’t last. I grabbed her hips and slammed as hard as I could into her and then slapped her ass hard. It even stung my hand and so I know I really hurt her. She cried out in a loud wail I had never heard from her before and I could feel a hot gush as she flooded my cock with her wet cum. The look on her face was just about all I could take. “I am gonna cum Julie!” I screamed at her.

“Fuck me!” she shouted back. I felt cum shoot out of the tip of my cock like a bullet. My rod pulsated and throbbed deep in her wet sheath as it poured my juicy seed into her. As I stopped pumping into her she quickly got off me and starting sucking me with fervor. She had never acted keen on blowjobs so I was kinda confused by this. The intensity of it after just having a orgasm was almost painful. “Julie.” I called.

“No, you are going to fuck me again John.” she stated and then went back to sucking. I thought it would be no use but my body again surprised me. In no time at all she was working my stiff erection with her hand and I could see her playing with her pussy at the same time. What in the hell had gotten into my wife. She was always so timid and shy in the bedroom. No lights on ever. No touching herself, and God forbid if you talked! I had mentioned bringing a porn home to watch and thought she would have a heart attack. Now she was sopping wet and my cock was fully hard again.

She got on her knees and I buried myself to the hilt. “OH YES!” she screamed. I pounded her as hard as I could as the sweat rolled off me. I had not fucked her this much in one day. Julie pushed her legs back and laid down flat on her stomach. She grabbed my hand and shoved it under us and onto her pussy. As I was fucking her wet hole with my cock, she was riding my hand. “I am about to cum again John, but I want you in my ass when I do!” she said through clenched teeth.

“Holy shit, Jules, are you sure?” I said concerned. We had never done anal and I was worried about hurting her now. I got up on my knees again dragged her up with me. I could see how glistening wet she was all over. Her asshole seemed to be begging me to enter it. I spit on the tip of my cock just in case and put it against her hole. My right hand was still furiously working over Julie’s clit and her face was getting redder.

“Just do it John! Fuck my asshole now!” I started to enter it slowly but Julie didn’t give me a chance. She slammed back against me and all 10” of my cock went deep into her ass. She squealed out and I was sure she was in agony. I looked down at her face and the pleasure I saw was intense. Still working on her clit fast and I started pumping her ass. I just could not help it, it was feeling better than I had ever imagined it could. So much different from Julie’s pussy. It was so much fucking tighter and I could feel her shaking beneath me. As her orgasm ripped through her body her ass tightened to almost painful proportions and it literally milked my cock. The explosion rocked through me once again and I pumped jiz into my wife’s asshole.

We stayed locked like this for the longest time. I finally disengaged my self and sat on the edge of the bed. Julie turned around and sat down beside me. “Ok I am really confused Jules. What just happened?” I said softly.

“John I just didn’t know how to tell you all this time.” she began. “I was so afraid that once you knew the truth about the way I am and what I like, you would leave me. So I have acted out my fantasies with other men for the last three months and told you I wanted you out. I just never thought you would still love me this way. But I cannot continue living this lie anymore! John I love you more than anything in this world, but I have to have this release.”

“Julie you only had to tell me. I would do anything for you baby.” I said. I took her hand and held it tightly. I was feeling guilty about what had happened earlier with my Mom by this time. Julie looked at me and her eyes were filled with tears.

“I am sorry I lied to you John. Now are you going to tell me about what happened with your Mom today?” The shock on my face could not be masked.

“What are you talking about?” I said stiffly.

“John I can taste your mother’s pussy and perfume on your mouth. So tell me how was it, and when are we having them over for dinner again?” she said with a sly grin.


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